‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 5 video: Michelle Dockery, Allen Leech talk parenting

What's ahead -Did you wonder what in the world was happening when it came to “Downton Abbey’s” baby George? As is the case with many youngsters on TV, this child is not always a regular presence, and for a pretty good reason. While it may be controversial in some ways to say, the more you see of the kid, the more you take away from the actions of a grown-up. It’s just not interesting to watch someone crawl around on the floor unless you’re a parent of them or have some sort of real-life emotional investment.

Thanks to all of this, we can’t exactly say that the video below has us tremendously excited, mostly because all it really does is show to us that Michelle Dockery’s Mary is still trying to figure out this whole thing known as being a parent. Remember, this is a woman who still struggles when it comes to being kind to almost everyone in her life, and a child demands kindness, more often at times than what she can give them.

Branson, meanwhile, is much more of a natural father to his own daughter Sybil, but that is no surprise given his personality. Does he necessarily have that sort of personality that yields for great results when it comes to dealing with high society in Great Britain? No, but he certainly has figured out what he needs to do when it comes to making a child feel happy and cared for. There are no social pressures or struggles that come along with that. Plus, the guy may just be looking for some relief after dealing with awful Edna, the most manipulative woman to ever work downstairs at the Abbey. The irony here is that there is a woman appearing later who Tom will have a much deeper personal connection to, and possibly even fall for.

When the children disappear later on in this episode (we just mean from the story, and not literally), we will once again see Mary reeling from the marriage proposal that took place thanks to Lord Gillingham. Meanwhile, Tom will be trying to answer the question as to where he fits in this world, and if it is somewhere that he can adequately be the father he wants to be.

You can read the full synopsis for this episode at the link here, and we’re going to have more on it in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Photo: ITV

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