‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 5 preview: Sheldon and Amy as co-workers

The latest -Sheldon is a man of routine. He sits in the same spot, eats the same food, and has had the same group of friends now for many years. So how in the world is he going to handle Amy Farrah Fowler suddenly working at the university, and rocking the very foundation of his life? Surprisingly, he seems to be handling it pretty well all things considered.

In the sneak peek below from Thursday night’s “The Big Bang Theory” episode, you can see Amy inform her boyfriend that she has been offered a chance to work at his university for a few months on a project. This would enable them to have lunch together, and to Sheldon to show off a whole new part of his world to her. Our personal hope would be to see an extremely awkward scene where Mrs. Davis over in HR realizes that Sheldon actually does have a real girlfriend who puts up with him and some of his nonsense. (Anything to get Regina King back on the show.)

But while Sheldon may seemingly be okay with this news for now, there is only one way that we see this going in the end: Very, very badly. Do you really think that this self-proclaimed mega-genius is going to be able to handle someone up in his business? Also, he has that little bit of alone time that he takes every day, which could lead to Amy reenacting an earlier (and particularly wonderful) episode of the show.

As for the rest of the episode, get ready for some Howard / Bernadette conflict. We haven’t seen any footage of it just yet, but be prepared to see Raj dragged down deep into the mess.

Do you like this sneak peek, or do you want more the prospect of seeing Sheldon and Amy slowly start to drive each other to varying levels of insanity? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here to take a look at another sneak peek that should show you just how much of a “Don Juan” sort of character Dr. Cooper really is.

Photo: CBS

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