ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: What’s up with Nolan and Patrick?

The latest -Are Nolan and Patrick going to hook up at some point on “Revenge” season 3? When you speak about unlikely couples, these two have to be pretty close to the top of the list. Given that there was already one member of the Grayson family in Daniel that was tied to Emily Thorne, we could not possibly imagine another getting themselves also involved in the world’s messiest clan.

But that, is precisely what seems to be happening. According to TVLine, the couple is definitely going to be “happening” on the show moving forward in some way. The two did seem to have initial interest before Nolan’s ties to Emily were revealed, and given that Patrick is his own person (though also one that we had not known previously to be gay), he’s not going to be too completely intimidated by Victoria Grayson telling him what to do.

As this relationship develops, it also looks like there is one other important event on the show that you should brace yourself for and that’s another possible flash-forward when the second half of the season picks up. As executive producer Sunil Nayar notes to the website, this is a move that they are strongly considering for a number of reasons:

 “But we wanted to make sure that if we did another flash-forward that it was definitively the compelling thing that was going to carry us for the [final] 12 episodes. It’s definitely something we’re keeping in the hopper, but we haven’t committed to anything yet.”

The choice to tell a similar story will probably depend on how the reaction continues to come into the story this time around. Personally, this is a few miles ahead of what the show brought us during season 2. We like most of the characters at least enough to want them to remain on the show, and there is nothing roaming around like the Initiative, which just was a just ball of negative that spewed out all over everyone.

The evolution for Nolan and Patrick, like many others on the show, is probably going to be a slow build, but one question that we do wonder is if this pairing happens, is this one less person that Victoria is going to have at her side? We are going to find out pretty soon.

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Photo: ABC

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