‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: Why a Rigsby – Van Pelt mystery still exists

The latest -Is it easy to be happy for Rigsby and Val Pelt right now on “The Mentalist” season 6? Sure, but at the same time, there is plenty of reason to be skeptical and uncertain about the road ahead for the two. Even though we do thankfully know that they are a married couple, the news is still out there that both of them will be saying goodbye to the series by the end of the year. Actually, they will be out at midseason.

But does this mean that there is a conclusion for the two characters written out already? Not necessarily. As executive producer Daniel Cerone tells TVLine, the fate of these two in terms of how they leave the show is still very much in the “to be determined” phase:

“I’ve got to be honest with you — in terms of their future and their life on the show, or their place on the show or place not on the show, I can honestly say nothing has been decided. That’s something that we’re still exploring creatively.”

One of the primary reasons that the characters are leaving is simply to inject a little bit of a different energy into the show the rest of the way, which is going to be in part thanks to the fact that the story will be changed dramatically. No longer are we looking at the story of a singular Big Bad a la Red John and we’re instead going to see Jane take on some new sort of challenge that will at least carry him through the end of the series. At that point, it will be decided whether or not the show has life left in it. The ratings are not exactly great, so it would not be a shock to see this be the end of the road.

Is there any way in particular that you want to see these stories get wrapped up? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Click here if you want to see some more news surrounding the Red John case, and we’ll have more as it develops.

Photo: CBS

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