‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11: Let’s gawk at how rich Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer are!

The latest -Do you want to make a ton of money and have a great job? Then we know just the career for you, if you are both extremely talented and also have a little bit of luck on your side: Get a job on a hit network sitcom that lasts for a decade. What happens as a result of that is that your salary balloons to impossibly-high levels, you get to work a reasonably cushy schedule that includes getting to perform in front of live audiences, and you also get extended time off every year to go and do other things.

So while you may hate “Two and a Half Men” and find the show to be cheesy and/or gross sometimes, we’d sure love to be on it with the money that these people are making. Forbes released today their list of the highest-paid TV actors, and in addition to stars of the CBS sitcom dominating the list, we also learned that the only thing better than being on a hit sitcom for a decade is collecting residuals from a hit sitcom that you helped in part to create years after its cancellation.

1. Ashton Kutcher at $24 million – And he wasn’t even on the show the entire time.

2. Jon Cryer at $21 million – While Alan Harper may make your skin crawl, getting $21 million could not happen to a nicer guy.

3. Ray Romano at $16 million – While there was “Parenthood” in here, that was a labor of love. This was mostly backend for “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

4. Neil Patrick Harris at $15 million – In between “How I Met Your Mother” and a bunch of awards shows, this is how Neil made his money.

4. Mark Harmon at $15 million – No typo there, as these two are tied for 4th place. The difference is that most of Mark’s money came exclusively from “NCIS,” which he has been a part of for 11 seasons.

6. Patrick Dempsey at $13 million – Sometimes, it’s really good to be McDreamy; also, this helps Patrick to fund his habit of driving really fast cars.

7. Tim Allen at $11 million – Tim’s paycheck is one of the most surprising reasons why “Last Man Standing” is still on the air. Also, “Home Improvement” money in here.

7. Angus T. Jones at $11 million – Another tie, and Angus seriously made this much money despite calling his show “filth” and not appearing on it so far this season.

9. Charlie Sheen, $10 million – Since this doesn’t tell us where the money came from, we don’t know how much old “Two and a Half Men” episodes came into play here. But “Anger Management” could make Sheen really rich with its sweet deal.

9. Michael C. Hall, $10 million – With “Dexter” ending and the show too adult to be syndicated, this is the last money like this that Michael will be seeing until his next gig.

If you want to read some more “Two and a Half Men” scoop, be sure to visit the link here. We’ll have a preview up tomorrow for the next new episode.

Photo: CBS

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