‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 3 preview: The hunt for Misha Collins’ Castiel (and a kiss)

One poster -Is Misha Collins going to be back on “Supernatural” next week? About two seconds into the promo for next week’s episode “I’m No Angel,” it’s clear that he will be. Everyone’s favorite angel Castiel (who is technically not an angel anymore) has some problems lying ahead, and they include everything from learning how to be a human to learning how to find a home.

But somewhere along that journey, there are apparently going to be at least a few happy times for Castiel. As a matter of fact, it looks like he’s even going to be getting a kiss! That has to be a strange sensation; even though he has technically been married before, this is an emotional side that he hasn’t quite been able to explore, and it’s going to be pretty fun.

Take a look at the full synopsis for the episode below, which does make it clear that Castiel is going to have probably his largest story of the season so far in the episode:

“Ezekiel tells Dean (Jensen Ackles) a group of angels is hunting Castiel (Misha Collins). Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) race to find their friend before the angels do. Meanwhile, a homeless Castiel is trying to make his way through the city and comes across some unexpected surprises.”

While we know that there is a contingent of “Supernatural” fans out there who still want to see more of Sam and Dean and really only them as the primary storyline, we must admit that we do rather appreciate the opportunity to see more of Castiel in a larger role. Plus, it gives Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki a chance to recharge their batteries, which is probably a good thing considering that their personal lives and families are far and away different from when they were five or six years ago. It’s harder to put in these hours!

While you enjoy this story in the present, be ready for more of the past. The Men of Letters are going to return for a story soon, and that should give us a good chance to check out some of their origins.

For now, share your predictions about this episode in the comment box below; meanwhile, click here if you’re curious to see our full review of tonight’s episode.

Photo: The CW

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