‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 5, episode 5 preview: Moving beyond episode #100

Do you think that the 100th episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” is really going to slow anybody down at all? If you were thinking that even for a second, then we may have to stop and question what you are doing watching this show in the first place. It may not be your style.

Rather than taking on some serious / heavy subject next week, the promo below seems to be making more of a concentrated effort to scream “fun fun fun” in our faces like it is the part of a Rebecca Black song. The title here is “Unwritten Rule,” and there may not be a moment in it that is more awesome than listening to Deeks try to explain all of the crazy stunts that he had to pull off just in the morning. If that’s his routine before noon, imagine what his afternoon is going to be like.

In the synopsis below, you can find out just what sort of “unwritten rule” that we are talking about here, and it involves someone who Deeks probably does not want to be upset with him:

“Analyst Nell Jones joins the NCIS: LA team in the field when a former Navy officer’s girlfriend is kidnapped in exchange for Navy intelligence. Meanwhile, Deeks unknowingly breaks one of Hetty’s rules.”

Basically, we are wondering how they plan to top a milestone episode? If you go back in history, we guarantee you that it will be a struggle trying to find a massive chorus of 101st episodes that are substantially better (or even close to the same level) to the one that aired before it. They’re very lucky to just break even.

Is there anything that you want to see in during this episode?

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