‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 2 review: Did Abaddon destroy Dean, or merely toy with him?

Meet Abaddon again -Did Sam and Dean Winchester solve the problems of the universe on tonight’s “Supernatural“? Hardly, but they did get another step closer to the brothers getting some source of normalcy in their lives … if they even know what normalcy is at this point.

The biggest threat to their survival this week? It’s an old problem in Abaddon, who started the episode crawling out of a bathtub and then proceeding to do her usual thing of wrecking havoc on everyone in her path. One of the charms of “Supernatural” is taking a character that has only been in a few episodes like her, and then making you believe that she has been around forever. She is one of the more compelling villains in this world for a number of reasons. Not only is she completely evil, but she’s devious and also a tad flirtatious. That scene with Dean? Well, let’s just say that it made Twitter explode for a few seconds.

But while we could spend all night talking about that, the most important thing to note here is that she is still out there, and does not even have her body disassembled completely. In other words, she is going to be back.

As for some of the other characters this week, the return of Kevin ended up playing a much more important role in the final few episodes. Through some negotiations with Crowley (otherwise known as the last person that you want to negotiate with), he learned that his mother could be alive, but do you trust him? It’s pretty hard to. It took a classic Dean Winchester speech to try and get him to change him mind, complete with a “I would die for you” and a promise that Dean, along with Sam and Castiel, are his family. Kevin did decide to stay, and now we move forward with the little extended family, fallen angels, and Sam (now with his body fully back) able to tackle everything that lies ahead.

“Devil May Care” was a ton of fun; it wasn’t the best “Supernatural” episode ever, but it did all we could ask for in entertaining us greatly on a Tuesday night when most other TV is rather dull. Grade: B+

What did you think about this “Supernatural” episode, and did all of the Abaddon fun tonight help to make up for the lack of Castiel? Be sure to click here, where you can see some more news related to the show (including a preview).

Photo: The CW

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