ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: Scott Foley says Olivia, Jake not over yet

Take a look -Not only does the plot thicken on “Scandal” season 3, but the love triangle (or rectangle?) is getting all the more confusing. While you may have been wondering if Olivia and Fitz are going to be together this season, there may be another question that you also have to ask right now: What about Jake and Olivia? Now that Scott Foley is in the picture, are there any odds that these two could also be together again in the future?

Well, Foley clearly has plenty to say on this subject as his character is back in Washington, and out of whatever hole he (literally) crawled out of. Yep, it’s not very often that we get to say something like this! Foley tells TVLine that getting back with Olivia “is sort of Goal No. 1 for him right now — or Goal No. 2, aside from figuring out B613. In his eyes, repairing and restoring the relationship with Olivia is a huge priority.” He also teased that while Jake suffered PTSD after what he went through that is going to be very different:

“It’s so interesting, because we know how Huck is now, after being in the hole for so long. We saw him before that, and then he was in there for a long time — he was deprogrammed and forgot his family and all that. But Jake wasn’t in there quite as long. I’m sure it will affect him at some point, but so far not yet.”

Also, be sure to expect quite a bit more when it comes to Jake and Fitz, given that these two have quite a military history themselves. This is one of the primary reasons why these characters are so interesting right now, since they’ve got that romantic history with Liv, the personal history, and also the history of doing questionable things. If you think that “Scandal” is an unholy mess now, just wait until you see the level of crazy that they are bringing on once you get a few episodes into the season.

Who are you pulling for right now: Fitz, Jake, or someone else? Share below! Meanwhile, just be sure to visit the link here if you want to check out some more news about if the show is doing Anthony Weiner-inspired episode.

Photo: ABC

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