Marvel’s ‘Agents of Shield’ episode 4 review: Coulson helps an ex-Shield member

The big show -We have been getting a little worried about “Agents of Shield” since there hasn’t been a lot of character development since the series started, but last week we finally got a little movement, at least as far as the Skye and Grant characters. We also learned that even though Skye seems to be playing both sides of the fence when it comes to Shield and her underground resistance that she might be starting to move more towards Shield.

This week we saw one of Coulson’s ex-protege’s go rogue and become a diamond thief, much to his disappointment, but he feels that something is wrong and he wants to help her. As they try to find her, things go from bad to worse as they fear that she has the power to read people’s minds and is always one step ahead of them. They learn that she actually has a camera that can see through walls, bodies and more that has been placed in her eye and that she is being controlled.

There was a really nice moment between Coulson and Skye where she tells him that she feels Coulson is a good judge of character and that if he feels his protege should get a second chance that she’s on board. As it turns out Coulson was right and his student is remorseful and desperate for a second chance to make things right.

While there was some character development on this week’s episode, for us there still isn’t enough movement at this point in the series for us to really give a damn about anyone. We are supposed to care about these characters, aren’t we? Without a deeper understanding or seeing connections being made between the teammates we don’t really feel worried about them or scared for them when they are in dangerous situations that threatens their lives and at this point the “situation of the week” just isn’t cutting it anymore. Grade: C-

Do you think there’s enough character development with the characters or do you want to see something more? Leave us a comment and tell us what you hope changes with the show as the season goes on (if there’s anything at all you want to change that is). If you are looking for more on “Agents of Shield” just click here.

Photo: ABC

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