NBC’s ‘Revolution’ season 2 spoilers: Another ‘Breaking Bad’ connection and a flashback

The latest -What is it with “Revolution” bringing in all of the “Breaking Bad” alumni? First, we had Gus Fring in Giancarlo Esposito; and now, the actor behind Ted Beneke has also signed on for a gig. The only different here is while Giancarlo is a series regular, Christopher Cousins’ spot is slated to be for a much shorter run.

However, the irony here is that Cousins is going to be spending plenty of time working alongside Esposito. According to Deadline, the actor has signed on to play the part of Victor Doyle, a reportedly high-ranking Patriot that is going to square off against Tom Neville in some upcoming episodes of the show. Given that Neville is always a better character when he has some sort of nemesis to go after, we have to file this news away as being of the “great” variety, without a doubt. Now, the only mystery left is to see just how long these two characters can coexist in the same world. The other question is if Neville will win. (We believe so, since if he loses he still has to find a way to remain a part of the show.)

To go along with this news, how about some other assorted scoop? According to TVLine, you can also expect to see some more flashbacks soon to explore the backstory of Miles, Rachel, and Monroe during the time in which she was held away from the rest of her family. Is this great news? We’re thinking “yes and no”. There is a part of us that almost wishes that the show would stay more in the present, given that “Lost” is really the only show to recently give us flashbacks that we cared about on some sort of legitimate level.

Hopefully these storylines, regardless of whatever we think about them now, are going to be able to carry over into some great things later on. Given the lower ratings for “Revolution” this year, the show really needs whatever help that it can to stay alive.

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Photo: NBC

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