‘The X Factor’ UK: Are the live shows rigged? Eliminated Lorna Simpson says…

The latest -Welcome to this edition of Conspiracy Corner, where we take on the hot topics related to reality shows and all of the crazy ideas that some folks come up with while they try to justify why some of their favorite contestants did not stick around for as long as they would have otherwise liked.

In this particular edition, we turn to “The X Factor” UK, where the latest comments coming out now are that the show was set up in many ways to have Lorna Simpson be the first contestant eliminated from the show on Sunday night’s episode thanks largely to a lack of screen time. She gave a decent performance on the live show, but even as we said at the time before it aired, there was no way we saw her advancing unless she somehow morphed into the body of a living legend mid-performance. It’s just that audiences cannot discern talent when they don’t see it, and they often vote based on personality in the first place.

Take a look at what Lorna had to say recently to The Sun, which should at least give you a moderate amount of pause over whether or not the show ever gave her a fair shot at doing well:

“It’s unfair. X Factor set me up to go out in the first week. They underplayed me… it was set up. They know the outcome of the whole competition. It’s prepared. It’s TV and they have to be ahead.

“I had some middle-aged woman’s wardrobe. I’m 26! Why are you trying to hide me? You’ve hidden me enough. With my styling and being cloned as a Whitney. I’ve done other songs, I’m versatile, but I wasn’t able to show the public who I am.”

Here’s the rub that we have with these comments: Nobody forced Lorna to go on the show in the first place. She made the choice to appear, and had she stood out more in the early rounds, she would have been shown more. Do we think that some contestants are favored more than others? Sure. There is a reason why Sam Bailey has received a mountain of screen time this year, just like there is a reason why Nicholas McDonald and Rough Copy has received big edits. But at the end of the day, the public controls the show still and could have voted more for her. If this show was full set up, there would be no way Christopher Maloney made it all the way to the finale three last year.

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Photo: ITV

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