‘Arrow’ season 2, episode 2 preview: Why this shot alone should excite

The latest -Will “Arrow” be bringing more villains to this season? You better believe it, and this is just one of many reasons to be excited about what the 20+ episodes ahead. The premiere was awesome, and is the best thing The CW has by a mile. This show is a home run in that it is one of the few hero franchises on TV to get it right. There is enough story that is faithful to the comics, and almost like “The Walking Dead,” there is enough freedom so that you don’t feel like the story has to stay in lines of what the DC Universe has laid before us.

But beyond just the sight here of China White and the Bronze Tiger in the photo attached to this article (which is from Wednesday’s episode “Identity”), what the show is proving to us now is that there is no reason to even be anxious about a sophomore slump. In putting popular villains together in a single episode, the show is already addressing one of the concerns from season 1: That there will be carbon-copy, procedural-perfect villains.

One other thing to rejoice over for the time being is that even so many past adversaries of the Hood are still alive. Deadshot will be back, and if Jessica de Gouw still has some time on her schedule following her time on “Dracula,” she could bring The Huntress back for more. Add to that a mysterious appearance from John Barrowman coming up (which may or may not be a flashback) and questions surrounding if Manu Bennett will stay on the island forever, and we have a fantastic roster to alternate out from one part of the season to the next.

We may know about Barry Allen / The Flash, and that more superpowers are coming to the world of the show, but there is still so much more to flesh out. We just hope (and our only fear) is that when they come, they are not cheesy, and the show does not become reliant on them to drive story to the point where it becomes commonplace to see them. Leave that in the grave of “Heroes.”

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Photo: The CW

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