‘The Blacklist’ episode 5 preview: Who knows the secret about Liz Keen’s husband?

The latest -While tonight’s episode of “The Blacklist” was without a doubt excellent, there was still a mystery that we have been waiting for some sort of answers on. Who exactly is Liz’s husband? Even though she has known this man for years, does she really know him? The whole premise of the idea may be a little cartoony, but the tone of the show is such that it does not really bother us.

Luckily, we are seemingly going to have some more information coming courtesy of “The Courier” next week, at least based on the promo below. In it, Red promises that a captured NSA agent holds the key to who this mystery man is, but there is also another problem with it: This man is on the verge of death. If she wants to solve this mystery, she will have to find a way to get to him, and get to him quickly.

The synopsis below does not necessarily reveal much more when it comes to that subject, but it does tease a very frightening new villain for Red and the rest of the team to try and take down:

“Red (James Spader) finds out that The Courier (guest star Robert Knepper) – a middle man that no one crosses – is delivering a package worth millions of dollars to an Iranian spy. Only the Courier is a ghost no one including Red, knows what he looks like. While racing to stop the mysterious criminal transaction, Liz (Megan Boone), inadvertently finds herself thrust into a dangerous kidnapping plot. Meanwhile, Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) must finally accept that Liz is a valuable asset to the team.”

In looking at the situation from Ressler’s shoes, we are sure that this is hard for him. This is effectively a rookie that he is suddenly having to treat seriously despite her lack of experience, and it’s all because a super-powerful criminal mastermind deems it so. Unfortunately, he is at Red’s mercy if he wants to catch more of the bad guys, and therefore he goes along with it.

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Photo: NBC

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