‘Basketball Wives’ season 5, episode 9 review: Evelyn Lozada’s fashion show and peace?

Evelyn Lozada -There was a something that took place on tonight’s “Basketball Wives” episode in London, and we are not quite sure how we feel about it which is people actually getting along for a change. There was no sort of epic battle that took place during the trip despite it feeling at times like an annual occasion, and there was also no stunning event that change the lives of any of the women forever. The biggest movement that we would say took place was Evelyn Lozada starting up a foundation to help out women who are in situations of domestic violence, which is a very noble cause.

Where there still some dust-ups here and there? Sure. After all, Tasha Marbury and Suzie Ketcham do not like each other, but they decided to keep their barbs mostly at bay save for a few random skirmishes here and there. It’s almost like someone told them that if they kept up this sort of behavior, they would end up looking ridiculous on television. Look at that! Someone on a reality show actually trying to not cause drama all the time for the sake of air time.

From the perspective of entertainment, we actually appreciated being surprised. Do we want to see a month or so with no drama in it at all? Not in the slightest, but it’s good to mix up the fighting with something different. The ladies being in London is probably a big reason why the lack of conflict ended up working. Had they been back home, it would have more than likely turned out to be a disaster, since there would be nothing new or different for the women to do. Here, at least, there were plenty of other options away from fighting, since it is not everyday that you see people (even rich ones) travel across the pond.

In the end, don’t worry: Kenya Bell will be back next week, which is almost like the show inviting itself to a three-ring circus of insanity. There will be more arguments soon enough, and you should just think of this instead as a sort of calm before the storm.

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Photo: VH1

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