‘Sleepy Hollow’ season 1, episode 5 review: Is Morales jealous of Ichabod and Abbie?

The latest -Last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow” brought Abbie’s sister Jenny deeper into the fold and while she likely won’t be around for a while until she can get out of the asylum, we’re pretty sure we will see her again in the future. For us, even though we liked Jenny’s character, we weren’t crazy about the dynamic it created as Abbie and Jenny fought like crazy and Ichabod became the referee, so we’re not exactly sad to see her go for now until the Abbie/Ichabod story is more fleshed out.

Ichabod has moved from the motel into Corbin’s old cabin by the lake and we like that he finally has some stability at this point, but it doesn’t last long as a call comes in for him and Abbie when a little boy is found speaking middle English, wearing clothes from another time and seems to have some sort of infection… and it’s spreading quickly, just as the headless horseman wants.

Things quickly get bad for Ichabod when he too becomes infected, but at least in his delusions he is able to see Katrina and she tells him that she is trapped in purgatory. Just when she is about to tell him why she cannot move from this place he is pulled down deeper towards death and she begs for him to fight for his life and he does.

A colony filled with infected people that Abbie and Ichabod discovered has the cure for this disease and she begs the Captain to let her move him and the child to the colony to get the cure. We are a little surprised at how easily the Captain buys into all of this craziness and wonder why he isn’t giving Abbie a harder time when she comes to him with stories that sound even more insane then the last. Of course they get to the cure in time and everyone is fine.

We haven’t seen much when it comes to Morales and Abbie, but we saw him acting concerned about Ichabod being part of the force, saying that people are starting to talk about the fact that he was once a suspect and now he’s a consultant. Captain Irving tells him to keep his opinions to himself and not to cause problems. Is Morales concern valid or is he just jealous of Abbie and Ichabod’s chemistry? Even though the captain and a colleague have told him to leave the situation with Ichabod alone, he just won’t and starts looking for answers.

The one thing that really bothered us about tonight’s episode was that Abbie was touching the infected child with her bare hands, even though everyone else that touched him became infected. There was no explanation for why she was immune and we wonder if it might’ve been something overlooked by the show.

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