‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: Is Sheriff McAllister officially ruled out as Red John suspect?

The latest -Everyone wants to know the answer to “who is Red John,” but at this point fans of “The Mentalist” are willing to settle for just getting clues as to who Red John could be. It’s a simple request at the end of the day, but still not one that the writers for the show are particularly willing to give in to just yet.

Case in point: Just because Sheriff McAllister both proved himself to not suffer from vertigo, and just because he saved Patrick Jane from falling at the end of the wedding brouhaha, none of this means that he is officially off the suspect list for the time being. For a little more on that subject, just take a look at what executive producer Daniel Cerone had to say to TVLine:

“In a certain respect, suspects will fall to the wayside quickly. Some have, and some will continue to. But if they’re still inquiring at the end of an episode, they’re still in part potential suspects.” 

We will see another suspect for the Red John case get involved with Jane and Lisbon in a mystery next week, and may ultimately feel a pretty similar sort of feeling at the end of the episode. Obviously, the idea here seems to be to make us feel almost as if there are no substantial suspects for the killer, and then shock us out of left field with someone who we never saw coming in the role of killer. We’ll see just how well that they can pull that one off as it’s a difficult proposition when you’ve already been handed a list of possible candidates.

Next week, one of the other major issues on the show is going to arise courtesy of a list of fake Red John suspects, and when it lands in the wrong hands, Jane worries that the killer could choose to target some of these people who truly don’t deserve such danger. Just take a look here if you want a quick peek at the story.

Photo: CBS

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