‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ preview: Caleb Bankston learns downside to playing hard (video)

Meet Caleb -Is Caleb Bankson in trouble on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water”? Let’s just put it this way: You have probably heard of the saying going “too hard, too fast” in the context of this game. There is making a move, and then there is coming to a quick decision at tribal council that puts the rest of your tribe at your mercy.

This is what happened with Caleb Bankston on the show this past week, and this is what put him in a huge mess going into the episode airing on Wednesday night. There is no reason whatsoever for him to have not come up with this idea at camp, and tried to tell everyone else in his alliance about it then. In keeping it a secret until then, both Vytas and Hayden seem to now be of the mind that he cannot be fully trusted again. This may make him even more of a target than either Katie or Ciera, which is interesting given that they have not won anything or done anything outside of losing to their mothers at various challenges.

So yeah … Caleb is in big trouble, especially since this group has not been able to win anything to save their lives. If the returning players do ever lose a challenge, you have to believe that the most likely person to be sent out is Laura Boneham, given that she is still the non-returning player on a tribe full of them (even if she has done well in challenges). The only other hope that she has? If for whatever reason the older women in the tribe have bonded, and then suddenly Kat becomes the target to go home instead. Also it’s possible that the tribe freaks out over Aras still having his brother in the game, or if they learn what’s been happening with the coconuts, we’re looking at a pretty predictable week here regardless.

Given that we are at present, though, around three weeks from the merge, this is the time to get rid of people that you don’t want to face in the jury part of the game. You’re not going to be able to need them for much longer when it comes to the challenges.

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Photo: CBS

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