ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 4: ‘Number One Fan’ matters to Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion

Check it out -Tonight, “Castle’s” episode entitled “Number One Fan” is a big one for many reasons. Not only do we get to see what happens when Castle becomes a hostage negotiator, but this ends up becoming a very important episode for Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic’s characters as they attempt to figure out their future together in New York City. It’s no spoiler at this point that she has lost her job in Washington DC, so there is no reason to worry about whether or not she will be away from the rest of the cast anymore, but what is Beckett going to do for work now? That is what this episode hopes to answer.

Just as we did last week with “Need to Know,” what we’ve got for you below are six little teasers all about what is coming up during this episode.

1. Just as you would expect, there is much more to Emma’s story than you would first think. Remember that this is “Castle,” and if the mystery was solved at the start of the episode, it would not be very exciting.

2. Detective Sully finds a brand-new way to be insufferable this week, aside from him being a total slob and all.

3. For the second time in just the past three episodes, Richard Castle will feel like his life is really on the line.

4. Lanie does turn up briefly, and her scene does help inform how much wedding planning is going on right now.

5. You will also see Castle, Martha, and Pi, but only for a short amount of time. Pi’s presence is starting to become a little annoying, mostly because he serves as a buffer and is really not giving Molly Quinn much of anything to do at all.

6. The last five minutes are very important here, since it helps to explain every question that you have about the immediate future of the show.

We’ll have a full opinion of this episode for you later tonight after it airs in America. For now, we’ll just share with you some other links to keep you as engaged in the “Castle” universe as possible:

1. A video sneak peek from the episode.

2. Some details about what could be coming up next, and a new obstacle for the NYPD to try and take on pretty soon.

Photo: ABC

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