‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 3 review: Did Rigsby, Van Pelt get married?

The latest -For at least a few short moments tonight on “The Mentalist,” we had an opportunity to forget briefly all about the hunt for Red John at least long enough to witness a rather glorious occasion: A wedding. Of course, the irony here is that it took getting through another wedding before we really arrived at the story that we (and most of the country, for that matter) was really waiting for.

Without burying any lead, let’s get to answering that question in the title: Yes, Rigdby and Van Pelt did get married! The ceremony itself was rather lovely. The execution of it? Spontaneous, awkward, and almost straight out of a romantic comedy in the way in which the two tied the knot so quickly after the decision was made to propose. Why no buildup? It would have been far superior to see there be a few episodes between a proposal and the wedding, especially when you consider how slowly some of these other stories have taken.

But, these two characters will be saying goodbye to the show at midseason, and we imagine that there was a certain amount of pressure that came in having to tie this together pretty quickly in order to ensure that it happened, and all of the other objectives for the series are still met at the same exact time. There is still a few more suspects for Patrick Jane to sift through before figuring out just who is Red John, and that is the central story to the show.

In speaking of this subject for a minute we can at least come closer to figuring out that the sheriff of this Napa Valley area is probably not the man responsible for so many deaths in Jane’s life. After all, he had an opportunity to let him die on the roof of the church after solving a murder (one related to that aforementioned¬†other¬†wedding) and he did not. He let him live! This has to be a sign that either Red John wants to keep him alive and torture him for a little bit longer, or this is simply not the guy.

Do you think that the wedding was too rushed, or was it perfect in your eyes? Either way, share your thoughts below! For more on “The Mentalist,” including a preview for next week’s episode just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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