‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 4 preview: ‘Nasty Habits,’ and the Peter Pan showdown

What's next? -Tonight on “Once Upon a Time,” we had what was quite the eventful hour. We not only learned who is the secret true love for Regina on the show, but also a valuable piece of information about Mulan’s love life that changes the game for her. It’s almost tragic that Jamie Chung and Sarah Bolger each have some other projects on their plate, and we don’t quite know how much of either one of these stories we’re going to get now that Neal is out of the fairytale land.

What is set to transpire on the show next week? This is where we are set to introduce “Nasty Habits,” an episode that looks to continue the story that was set up from “Quite a Common Fairy.” Now that Neal is back in Neverland, his quest to find the rest of the family that he loves begins. Meanwhile, the rest of the group is going to feel as though they are prepared perfectly to deliver the much-hyped (and really much-needed) takedown of a villain who really deserves it in Peter Pan.

Unfortunately, as we have come to learn many times over on this show, this will not be easy. He is a man (or boy?) who has lived on this island for so long that he knows it, and controls it, better than anyone. We also don’t quite know just what he really wants from the entire group yet, but four episodes is much too short for this story to come to a conclusion.

As for what is going on in Storybrooke, you are going to see it soon enough, but it may not be until episode 7 when you really get a full story as to what has transpired in the town while the rest of the characters are away. Belle is trying her best to look after the town, but we still wonder if she is still the most-capable leader when you consider that she spent the vast majority of her life there trapped inside of an insane asylum.

Want to read more “Once Upon a Time” news? Then click here if you want to read our full review of the episode tonight. We will have some more details from this episode soon, so stay tuned.

Photo: ABC

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