‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 premiere review: Are Glenn and Maggie having a baby?

The latest -If you are fans of “The Walking Dead” like we are then you’ve been anxiously counting down the months, days and hours until it’s season 4 return tonight. We have been promised more deaths, a bigger zombie threat and new characters to cheer for, so did the premiere deliver on all of those promises?

The group is still at the prison and have created a fairly good living situation for everyone, including a kitchen, farm land and a unity that was never really present in Woodbury. The zombie presence is definitely worse then it’s been before now that the walkers know where they are.

Daryl the hero: Daryl has always been a character that fans have loved, even when he was all brooding and moody (actually especially when he was like this… don’t we all love a bad boy with a heart of gold?) Now that there is a bigger group at the prison and Daryl has become a major provider of food for everyone, he’s become a hero to everyone, something that makes him more then a little uncomfortable. Also, watching him and Carol flirt continue to make us dream of a day when these two will finally hook up.

Glenn and Maggie: These two are still very much in love and continue to be a beacon of hope for normalcy in such a messed up world. While Glenn is afraid of moving into a normal life style with Maggie that includes growing their family, Maggie wants to have a baby and is disappointed when a pregnancy scare turns out to be just that… no baby for these two.

Rick the father: Rick has been taking a bit less of a leadership role and more of a father/provider type role as he’s focused on gathering food, growing crops and setting a better example for Carl by no longer carrying a gun. As much as he doesn’t want to play the role of the leader anymore, when he runs into a woman that is in need of his help he finds that he cannot turn away from who he is. Unfortunately the woman is luring Rick back to her camp for all the wrong reasons (to feed him to her zombie husband) and she ultimately kills herself in front of him. One thing we did learn about Rick is that he has three questions he asks survivors that he considers bringing back to the prison. 1. How many walkers have you killed? 2. How many people have you killed? 3. Why?

Outside of these main stories some of the other highlights included: Watching zombies raining from the ceiling at a supermarket during a supplies run, seeing Tyreese in a relationship, Rick and Michonne having a little bit of romantic chemistry, Carol teaching children how to use knives to survive a zombie attack and being shocked at just how much Carl has grown up (puberty hit him hard).

There was one other interesting thing that was revealed at the end of the episode and it’s something that is coming back from season one when Rick was told that they are all already infected. One of the boys at the prison turned into a walker without being bit, making this one of the scariest ideas for the series yet.

What did you think of “The Walking Dead” season 4 premiere? Are you desperately hoping for a Daryl/Carol hook up like we are? If you are looking for more highlights for this upcoming season just click here and we will hook you up.

Photo: AMC

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