‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 5 preview: Will Anna and Bates break up over Mr. Green?

Take a look -Tonight on “Downton Abbey,” we had an episode that really crammed it all in, especially when it comes to the perspective of shockers. The biggest one this time came courtesy of Lady Mary, who learned via Lord Anthony Gillingham that the man had an interest in suddenly making her his bride. She eventually declined the proposal, but there was a kiss exchanged between the two that suggests that there may be hope for them still, despite plans for Gillingham to marry someone else.

But after all that happened with these two characters tonight, next week’s installment is more about another couple in Anna and Bates, who has gone through the wringer due to something that is not even Anna’s fault. She decided not to do anything about the rape that happened last week, except for making the decision to move back upstairs to better “tend to her duties.” As Edna’s replacement arrives to the Abbey and Anna further distances herself, the situation grows dire.

While Robert told Bates that these sort of things tend to work themselves out, you must still beg the question: How long will he agree to be patient, and wait for something without hope? Unless a savior comes along, this could end in heartbreak for both parties.

When you see the promo for this episode, there will also be some footage also in here of Thomas, who has himself another devious plot in place. But what is it, exactly? He has been operating more in shadows than ever this season, and for very much reasons unknown to others within the Abbey. At times this year, it feels almost as if he is just acting out over not getting exactly what he wanted out of his relationship with Jimmy last year.

Overall, it looks to be yet another exciting episode in the series, and now that we’ve reached the natural halfway point (excluding the Christmas special), things really have to pick up to make this season legendary. Right now, it simply earns a grade of “incomplete.”

What do you want to see transpire on next week’s “Downton Abbey” episode? Share your thoughts and theories below! Click here if you’re interested in checking out our full review for tonight’s episode, and we will have more news soon.

Photo: ITV

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