‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 4 review: Did Lady Mary, Lord Anthony Gillingham kiss?

The latest -In starting off this “Downton Abbey” season 4 episode review, there is no need to wait before trying to address the all-important question: Will Anna tell Bates about her rape at the hands of Mr. Green? Early on tonight, she was insistent that rather than revealing the truth about the horrific incident that took place, she would be much better off trying to secure a residence for herself upstairs and slowly cut herself out of Mr. Bates’ life. Her fear was simple: The man would murder Mr. Green if he found out.

What still remains a mystery to us was why Anna, being a sensible woman most of the time, did not just go to the police, have Green arrested, and then tell Bates at a time when he would not able to hurt the attacker? There was no further movement at all, and this makes the tale all the more heartbreaking.

Meet Jack Ross – The singer’s introduction was a sweet one, and not only that, he did the unthinkable: Lifted Lady Rose up as a character worthy of attention, while at the same time bringing so many of the other characters down for being particularly prejudice towards him. It would be unfair to sit here and attack the likes of Mary or Tom for the product of their time, but they could have been at least nice enough to acknowledge that Jack spared her from humiliation.

While this story came to an abrupt end this week, know that this is not the last time that you will see Jack on this show.

Mary’s own decision – While the Jack Ross story was playing out, Mary had her own statement to make concerning love to Lord Anthony Gillingham: She was not ready for a relationship, at least not yet. Not only that, but she may not ever be properly ready.

Yet, somehow, Anthony decided for some reason that this merited a marriage proposal! Seriously. He does seem to be a nice man, but his argument of “he’s dead, and I’m alive” is not really the best one. The guy’s got to have a little patience here. But in the end, she declined the proposal for the time being, but then kissed him when he asked for it. This moment was jarring to say the least. We just met the man an episode ago, and she was mourning Matthew a few earlier. We do want to see her move on, but to kiss so quickly? We’re quite surprised by that, but not angry to the point where we want to start yelling.

The story of Tom – Now, we turn to the story that has been perhaps the most baffling for most of the season so far. We don’t know why Edna was hired again in the first place, especially since she tried this little game with Tom Branson the first time. Now, it’s the same old result: Edna is gone again from the Abbey, and Tom is single and saved from a pretty terrible situation.

This episode was as a whole much superior to last week’s party, which was both uncomfortable and sudden with the rape that came out of nowhere. There was also a little note in here of the Edith / Gregson story as the two parties moved forward with their own plan, but we must beg the question: When is this story going to take precedence over some of the others?

Sound off in the comments below when it comes to tonight’s episode. We have a full preview article for next week’s episode here, so check out what’s coming up next time.

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