‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6: What’s the reason Charlie Hunnam quit ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?

Jax -The story of this weekend has turned out to not be the premiere of “The Walking Dead,” the box office, or Bruce Willis on “Saturday Night Live.” Instead, it’s all about the sudden decision of Charlie Hunnam to quit “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the much-hyped adaptation of the E.L. James novel that has slowly and surely managed to take over the internet over the course of the past several years. The move came out of nowhere, and mere days after the actor and others on “Sons of Anarchy” were talking all about how good of a job he would do in the Christian Grey part.

At first, early reports suggested that the primary reason for Hunnam throwing in the towel when it came to the movie was due to his schedule; there was a quick turnaround between “Sons of Anarchy” and the new movie, and this made it rather difficult to prepare. However, The Hollywood Reporter also throws out there the following: Per sources, Hunnam was concerned about the level of fame that comes with the Christian role, and the amount of pressure this was starting to put on him.

Want some examples of how bad it was getting for him already?

1. The paparazzi have been stalking out the “Sons of Anarchy” set.

2. Women were sending underwear to his house.

3. The studio had to hire extra security for the “Sons of Anarchy” premiere earlier this fall, where he was asked almost nothing but questions about the movie.

4. Not really being able to go anywhere in public. “Sons of Anarchy” fans are generally cool and respectful (we’ve seen that time and time again on this site), but fans of a book adaptation like this? Much more intrusive.

“Sons of Anarchy” is taping its season 6 finale now, and after that Hunnam may still choose to do a film project or two before season 7 starts going in the late spring. This season should be the last for the FX drama given some surprise, and after that time he will be free to do any movie / TV show that he wants. One thing that we can feel pretty secure about? That he’s not going to run with open arms towards another major franchise anytime soon.

Want to see more of the madness? We’ve got a look here at some of the other TV stars that may be considered for the role, at least based on past rumors.

Photo: FX

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