‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: Who is playing Dr. Eugene Porter?

The latest -Yesterday, we finally learned if Abraham was going to be joining “The Walking Dead” for season 4, as many of the rumors suggested. (Answer? He is.) The biggest news that we have now is that the character is not going to be alone.

In a move that makes a great deal of sense when you remember the show’s comic roots, Josh McDermitt of “Retired at 35” has joined the show as the fellow traveler to Michael Cudlitz’s new character in Dr. Eugene Porter. In the comic series, Eugene is a guy that uses Abraham’s strength as a means of protection, and as a former science teacher, he also becomes the sort of character who possesses the intellectual know-how to help come up with new solutions and ways to ensure protection for the zombie horde. He’s basically a more resourceful, and less repressed version of Milton before this character was ever created for the show, with a few other twists thrown in there. (Unlike Milton, he’s actually still alive.)

Having the traveling party that includes Abraham and fellow new addition Rosita does add another layer to the show, and if nothing else, it also makes this cast just that much more massive / enormous (if it wasn’t already big enough). You got a human army in place at this point, but when you consider that Woodbury has navigated in part over to the prison, it makes sense for a much larger cast to be in place as the remaining survivors from the zombie invasion.

Cudlitz is not expected to appear until several episodes into the season, and therefore, the same should be expected of McDermitt. They should bring in another dimension of not only action to the proceedings, but also a little bit more variety. There’s always something intriguing about getting another person into the survival guide to figure out just how they’ve managed to live through this horror show.

Want to watch a preview for tonight’s “Walking Dead” premiere? Then just click here, and stay tuned for some more scoop related to the show. We’ll have a full review of the premiere tonight, along with a preview that follows for the episode airing next week.

Photo: AMC

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