‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Jayma Mays finishing Emma story; how do you want it to end?

Jayma MaysWhile the news has been out there for a little while now, we are at the point where it bears repeating: The end is relatively near when it comes to the Emma Pillsbury character on “Glee.” That hasn’t changed following the Cory Monteith tribute, and the question that faces us is how will producers write Emma off of the show?

Mays told E! News recently that she has a “couple” of episodes this season, but then she is letting her story go. This is not some sort of terrible conspiracy where she and Ryan Murphy are in a blood feud, but is just a simply matter of her having a new show in “The Millers” on CBS, and since they air on different networks, it’s not exactly easy for her to jump from doing one show to another, even with sitcoms having some of the cushier schedules out of anything in entertainment.

Therefore, the writers are in “let’s get creative” mode to figure out how to solve the problem, and since we like to fashion ourselves as being solutions-oriented here at Cartermatt, we like to think that we’ve come up with some ideas that make some sense in an often-nonsensical show.

1. Have Emma get a new job – That makes it easy. That way, she and Will have their own work lives, and they have something a little different to talk about at home. Plus, it’s not like Emma really had that much to do as a guidance counselor at school in the first place.

2. Stay the course, and mention her in passing – If she’s not a huge part of the show, they can get by with just showing a few scenes at McKinley, and then just cutting the part of Will’s story that includes his relationship with people outside of the classroom.

3. Write out McKinley and all that implies altogether – Okay, so this is probably a little bit of a stretch, but isn’t it possible still? Is anyone going to really cry over the loss of the newbies? Have the current class graduate, and then receive the rest of the students and Will for cameos here and there for special occasions. They all know that the moment is probably coming, and they can better prepare for it.

Of course, we want you to be just as solutions-oriented below; as for some concrete news for an upcoming episode, click here if you’re curious about catching a first look at the show’s November 7 return, “A Katy or a Gaga.”

Photo: Fox

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