‘Bones’ season 9, episode 5 preview: What’s on Booth and Brennan’s bucket list?

Take a look -Sometimes, people have different levels of priorities when it comes to their future ambitions. While some people may reach for the stars, others may simply want to congratulate someone who practically fell from them. That’s what we get out of the sneak peek below from Monday night’s “Bones,” which asks the all-important (and extremely entertaining) question: What is on your bucket list?

Let’s take a look at the logical answer first, and by that we mean what Brennan has to say. Basically, she wants to win a Nobel Prize for her work, which is something that we would DEFINITELY want to see made into an episode. Could you see her and Booth on a trip over to Sweden for the ceremony? With their luck, there would be a murder committed on the plane, and they would have to solve it before they land so that they can make it to the ceremony without any sort of hindrance.

As for Booth, it’s fair to say that he wants something a little bit different in his perfect world. Remember Felix Baumgartner? That’s the guy who took the dive from practically outer space. Well, David Boreanaz’s character does not want to be like him, he just wants to buy him a drink. The look on Brennan’s face when he says this? Pretty much a dream come true. We have two possible theories after watching this scene play out a couple of times.

1. This is really what Booth wants to do, and he just so happens to be a crazy person.

2. Sensing that there would be some disappointment coming from his significant other, Booth decides to change up his answer at the last second, therefore only getting an awkward glance rather than some sort of a lecture.

Ultimately, though, we have to say that Booth plummeting toward the earth’s surface would make for a pretty great “Bones” episode as well, especially if he did it in tandem with someone else, they were murdered on the way down, and Booth had to prove that he was innocent. (Okay, we’re basically turning this article now into a pitch meeting now.)

There is also that oh-so little thing as a wedding coming up for the couple, and you can catch the progress report on that and more in the new promo for Monday’s “Bones,” which you can see at the link here. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Photo: Fox

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