‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3, episode 2 preview: Are Lemon and Wade going to stay together?

lemon and wade -How long are Lemon and Wade going to keep their “relationship” going? It’s somewhat hilarious that out of everything that transpired on the “Hart of Dixie” season 3 premiere last week, what has us the most excited for the time being is a relationship that isn’t even real. Lemon made it up to help out her business partner Wade from looking like a chump (and also to hide her secret relationship with Meatball), and thus, a couple with the best shipper name possible has been born: Lemonade.

The obvious answer to the question in the title is no, Lemon and Wade can’t stay together, because they aren’t actually together in the first place. The only solutions to this problem are either that they will actually hook up (which could be even more entertaining, though it would make this entire town really weird and cause everyone to be linked to almost everyone else in some way), or they just come clean and admit the truth. Lemon and Wade are like a fake alliance in the “Big Brother” house designed to just throw people off, but most of these schemes are over-complicated and never really work.

The producers’ preview for Tuesday’s episode “Friends in Low Places” gives you a little more insight into the originals of this “couple,” and how the town is going to continue to test them by just getting them to do things that almost any normal couple would do, including kiss in public. Also, we have yet another reminder as to why women want to be with Wade: Abs. Once this fake relationship is exposed he basically has the primary qualification already checked off for him to be the next star of “The Bachelor.”

Also in this episode, get ready for Lavon to put on his detective cap to find out who slept with his precious cousin Lynly since she’s not willing to open up and tell him … mostly in fear that it will cause there to be a real-life detective on the scene to investigate this person’s possible death once Lavon is through with them. When you consider the possibilities of suitors for Lynly right now that are single, you should come up with a pretty short list.

If you do want to hear more about another popular “Hart of Dixie” couple, just be sure to click here to see what Wilson Bethel has to say about Zoe, Wade, and their possible future.

Photo: The CW

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