‘Masters of Sex’ episode 3 preview: Does Masters have feelings for Virginia?

Masters of Sex -While Bill Masters said at the end of the “Masters of Sex” pilot that his interest in sleeping with Virginia Johnson was strictly for the purpose of not corrupting his sex study, the latest preview that we have to share for tomorrow night’s “Masters of Sex” episode does very much beg the following question: Is there something more at play here? Does Masters, a married man, want a relationship with his assistant?

The promo below makes that appear to be the case, whether that is just via the power of perception or the power of editing. Virginia is advised to “hitch her wagon” to a man in power, since she will then also be carried along for the ride for as long as possible. She is already linked to Bill in a way that is very powerful in  that he is making waves with his study in private, even if at work he is still viewed as a sort of outcast or miscreant. She also is realizing that she being treated differently at each respective place. While at the brothel she is a trusted colleague at work she is responsible for menial tasks that she feels as though she is above doing.

The interesting thing about “Masters of Sex” is that everything is in a way real. Therefore, there is no one who can get upset about “spoiling” anything that happens in someone’s real life. Just take a look at Wikipedia sometime. This show is not being made so that you can sit around and be in the dark as to the Doctor’s life story. These two characters will end up being married unless Showtime and the producers decide to rewrite history, and while they do later divorce in 1993, the show may not choose to go on for such a long time. Masters then had another wife prior to his death in 2001. (Johnson died earlier this year, and never got the chance to see the show, though she was aware of it being made.)

Even though you know the ending, the thing about “Masters of Sex” is that they’ve done such a good job of producing the show that we really don’t care whether or not we know how the story ends. Just try to enjoy the ride, even if it is one that is inevitably going to make you uncomfortable at times.

Take a look here if you want to read our review of the most-recent episode; we’ll have another one published come Sunday night.

Photo: Showtime

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