‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie: Does Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, or another TV star land part?

Damon -Over the course of the last two hours, the internet has basically imploded many times over after reeling from shock over the fact that Charlie Hunnam is not going to be a part of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie anymore. This stunner comes after he had talked for weeks about taking on the role, and there was all this chatter about just what sort of impact the fan following was already having on him. There were women sending underwear (hopefully clean) to his house, stalking him on the “Sons of Anarchy” set, and more.

For more on why he is leaving, be sure to check out the link here. But for now, we want to go back to talking about other possible contenders. We’re a TV site, and with that we’re of course biased towards actors from our favorite medium; at the same time, it also feels that many within the movie studio feel the same way, since they casted two TV stars in Hunnam and Dakota Johnson. So who could be back in the running for the part now that Charlie pulled the chute?

Ian Somerhalder – His name is going to come up a million times, and mostly because it did during the entire casting process thanks to both his interest and many media outlets desperate to connect him to the film in any way. He could be back in the running now, but given that Hunnam’s schedule was said to be a large reason behind his exit, Ian’s TV schedule is even more brutal thanks to “The Vampire Diaries.” That being said we are pretty sure Ian would find a way to make it work.

Matt Bomer – Bomer has been nothing but classy when talking about the role, and while we know that fans have been clamoring for him to be part of this film for some time, who even knows if he actually wants the part?

Stephen Amell – This is just another reminder that while there may be a natural amount of curiosity about him in the role, he is not actually interested in the part. He had a meeting, and that was it.

While there are more TV names out there, none of them have been seriously talked about on a high level. What also has to be considered here as a definite possibility is that the studio will choose another surprise TV / film choice, since Dakota Johnson was also a surprise to many since her most-notable role was on Fox’s short-lived “Ben and Kate.”

We’ll have some more updates here as it comes along, provided of course that they come from within our delightful little sphere of influence.

Photo: The CW

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