‘American Idol’ season 13: Harry Connick Jr. stressing ‘fun’ on new judging panel

The logo -Last year, “American Idol” was by and large all about arguments, tabloid headlines, and other things that we really don’t want to see too closely identified with our beloved singing show. This was once something that viewers were able to gather around and have a little bit of fun watching, but last season it became the shade-throwing ballad hour where the contestants would come on, do something slow with a thousand big notes, and then the judges would respond by not looking at each other.

Luckily, season 13 looks to be on the right path already when it comes to ensuring that the talent actually has a surrounding environment where they know that it’s okay to be silly and show off a personality. Last year it became too much of a steel-cage match where everyone had to be more dramatic than the next person in order to impress.

Harry Connick Jr. recently called in to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, and offered up the following remark that the show is much more entertaining than in years past, but only when it needs to be:

“It couldn’t be more fun. It’s fun when it needs to be, and it’s serious and it’s intense. All of the things that you would hope it would be … We’re laughing at the right stuff. We’re laughing at things that are funny, never laugh at the contestants … it’s a great environment!”

Early buzz from those who have seen the 14-minute preview for the new season released by Fox is universally positive; while the show may still have some stuff to work on, the judges are critical when they need to be, but also likable and not so self-centered that they come down on any of the contestants for stealing their spotlight. They know their place, and they’re not out to try and take it away.

Now, we just have to hope that some of these good vibes carry over to the actual live shows, since that is when much of these problems will really become an issue. It’s one thing to look like the fun parade when you are being edited to look like the life of the party, but then the live TV cameras are on you and you have to say something.

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Photo: Fox

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