‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 finale begins shooting; we talk ‘Los Fantasmas,’ ‘John 3:82’

Sons of Anarchy -Is “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 production over? Not quite yet, but we are getting very close. As multiple sources (including creator Kurt Sutter) have confirmed on Twitter, the finale is now in production, which gives the show enough time to wrap it, send it into post-production, and then force everyone to lose sleep until it airs later this year. Given the amount of story that has been built up for it already, it’s pretty fair to say that this episode is going to be longer than an hour in run time; also, it will probably be violent and emotional. Consider the source here.

The final wrapping soon means that the cast is going to have a good many months now to pursue other things, whether it be other TV products or in the case of Charlie Hunnam, going from a leather jacket to leather whips on “Fifty Shades of Grey.” (Update: Hunnam has dropped out!) But what’s coming up before we get to that? We want to spend at least a couple of paragraphs doing one of our favorite things with this show, and that’s talking titles.

“Los Fantasmas” – Airing two weeks from Tuesday on October 29, this title is perfect timing-wise since we’ll be close to Halloween, and it literally translates to mean “the ghosts.” Don’t read anything into it being in Spanish, as Sutter has said already that he likes mixing things up occasionally be presenting a title that is in another language.

Since FX already has “American Horror Story,” you may need a brain examination if you start to think that this episode is going to feature Opie and tongue-less Otto rising from the dead and partying with SAMCRO. We imagine it being much more symbolic.

“John 8:32” – The most famous Bible verse perhaps of the entire New Testament is John 3:16, and that is all about ascending to Heaven and gaining eternal life through acceptance of Jesus Christ. However, the translation of 8:32 is actually one of the most famous quotes of all time: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

This quote was said by Jesus to the Jews who did believe his teachings, who were the minority about many others that Jesus claimed would “die in their sin” for not accepting the claims that he was the son of God. While there could be some hints in the Book for the themes of this episode, it could just be a red herring. The quote is really the most important thing here, and Sutter may have just hid it within a verse because naming the episode “The Truth Will Set You Free” is a little obvious.

Click here to see something more specific, at least in the promo for Tuesday night’s new episode “Salvage.”

Photo: FX

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