‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 4 preview: Michelle Dockery, Tom Cullen in London (photo)

The latest -Is Lady Mary moving on from Matthew Crawley and into the arms of a new man? If you are worried about some big romantic scene happening on Sunday night’s “Downton Abbey” season 4 episode, don’t be. (Spoilers ahead!) Based on the attached photo provided here via ITV, what you’re a little more likely to see is merely a case of her and Lord Anthony Gilligham spending some time together in London. She hardly has the facial expression of someone ready to fall in love again; there’s no eye content here, and her gray ensemble is just one step away from black. (Also, you must remember what Gillingham himself said about his romantic intentions at the party.)

What this photo proves is simply this: Michelle Dockery and Tom Cullen’s characters are going to be spending some more time together, and this time around, they are going to be in London instead of Downton. There will be the possibility of a relationship later on in the season, but we’re still a little early for something of this variety to pop up.

As for what brings the pair to the city in the first place, it seems to be a move motivated in part by culture. Lady Rose has a hankering to hear some jazz music, and Mary seems like the perfect companion given that she is actually an older relative, and we hardly imagine that Anna is someone that is in much of a position right now to travel or partake in merriment.

While there are going to be serious discussions and events that take place Sunday night, don’t expect a shocker that sends so many British people calling ITV with their complaints like last week. There was at least an inkling that something enormous would be happening last week around this time, and we’re not getting the same feeling this time around. It’s likely going to be more along the lines of some of the conversation that people either love or hate about this season so far. The costumes will be brilliant, but at the same time we still have to put up with this Jimmy / Ivy storyline that is impossible to become that attached to since we know so little about the characters.

Want to enjoy a sneak peek for this episode? Then just click here, where you can see some footage of Maggie Smith talking about this same hot topic in Lady Mary, and what could feasibly happen to her moving forward.

Photo: ITV

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