‘MasterChef Junior’ review: One beef wellington to rule them all

The latest -Is there a dish more daunting in the Chef Gordon Ramsay playbook than the famous beef wellington? We can sit here and count dozens of times where this dish has led to screaming and / or monkey-like food throwing on “Hell’s Kitchen,” and it was the subject of the main tag-team challenge on “MasterChef Junior” Friday night. What was also interesting about this particular challenge was that it actually served as a means to answer what we think is probably a Ramsay frequently-asked question: What is actually in a famed Ramsey beef wellington?

In watching some of the past shows, you would only really know about the beef and the puff pastry; but here, it was slowed down and we saw the seasoning, the mustard, the prosciutto, and the crepe. Basically, ever little ingredient had a moment to sing a few lines in a larger piece. Also, we saw the components of a good mash. “MasterChef Junior” is almost like cooking class for uninformed Ramsay fanatics just as much as it is anything else.

All of this helps to make up for what has been basically a terribly-predictable show. You knew that since Roen and Jewels had almost no screen time at all this year, they were not going to last very long, and they were sent home, and Jack and Kaylen continued on in pursuit of the trophy at the end of the competition. Also, Alexander established himself as a little bit more of a favorite, and as quite possibly the most-confident contestant in the entire competition by a mile. Everyone knows already that he is a culinary Einstein, and seems to be a lock for the finale. Dara and her giant red bow (which magically stays in place every competition) seems to be the only real competition to take him down.

What makes “MasterChef Junior” a little bit more fun than the original is just that while the results are predictable, the process is not. How many cooks have wanted to dump whipped cream on Gordon Ramsay’s head? We’re guessing everyone on every episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.” Also, there is a little bit of entertainment that comes with hearing unfiltered contestants speak out for a change, such as tiny Sara screaming at the top of her lungs or Jack’s quick fall-to-the-ground Tim Tebow-like celebration after he found out that he was advancing. You can’t get this stuff from self-aware adults.

You can read some more news when it comes to “MasterChef Junior” at this link, and we’ll have some more news to share throughout the season.

Photo: Fox

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