ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 4 preview: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic’s hostage crisis

Check it out -Is Beckett going to stay in New York City after getting fired from her job? You get your answer in the sneak peek below from Monday’s “Castle” episode “Number One Fan”: She’s not heading back to Washington DC anytime soon.

Don’t be surprised at all if this episode starts off with some exposition that X amount of time has passed, and Beckett is back in the Big Apple at her apartment. We don’t need to see an episode about her moving back or how she manages to get all of her boxes back upstairs. There is more of a question surrounding whether or not she’ll be returning to the force, and it’s not looking like she will be hired by them at least right away. (Sully’s already got that job on lockdown.)

The sneak peek proves though, that Beckett’s services are still going to be needed as she travels down with Castle to a hostage situation in a dentist’s office (otherwise known as a place where we constantly feel like we are being held hostage). Emma, played by Alicia Lagano of “The Client List,” is a diehard fan who asked to talk to him the moment that the standoff began. He arrives to the scene of the incident, is forced to answer some trivia about who he is, and then even convinces her to release a pair of the people inside of the office. The twist? He has to come in himself and try to talk to her in-person.

Castle thinks that he is going to be able to figure this out and actually be the hero that everyone needs, since he “knows his fans” and is sure that he can figure out how to calm her down. Beckett seems a little supportive, but not altogether thrilled that he openly volunteered to go into the line of fire when he may not have had to.

This episode will help to not just bring some Monday-night entertainment, but also figure out just what Castle can do to help get Beckett back on her feet. Stana Katic promises that Nathan Fillion’s character will be an asset to her, and not just of the variety who whispers sweet nothings, makes fancy coffee, and picks up a certain kind of wine that she loves so much.

Photo: ABC

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