‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 5 video: Sheldon’s a regular Don Juan

The latest -Is Sheldon going to suddenly turn into a real-life Romeo and seriously romance Amy on Thursday night’s “The Big Bang Theory”? Let’s put it this way: The odds are better that we will sprout horns, and that Syfy is going to suddenly renew “Alphas” in order to make the Dr. Cooper happy.

However, this does not mean that Sheldon is going to be completely immune from matters of the heart. We have the first promo below for “The Workplace Proximity,” and its story is pretty simple (though you don’t see much of it in the clip): Amy starts to work at Sheldon’s university, and this poses a problem for him. He sees her right now just as much as he wants to see her, and not a minute more. So for him to suddenly be in a situation where she is around for a much longer period of time? Well, that’s going to be a little bit more difficult for him to handle.

The promo is a comedy of errors as Shelton complains and / or threatens to scream if Amy tries to pin him down or take the relationship to the next level. Basically, he is to romance as Albert Einstein is to haircuts, or Leonard Nimoy is to professional football. Amy’s tolerance for Sheldon is what makes her endearing, mostly because it shows that she is perhaps the most patient and also delusional character of the entire bunch. One day, we’re hoping for an episode where she and Leonard are locked in a room and forced to endure Sheldon without breaks until one of them gives up; it’d be the perfect study of behavioral science, and hey, isn’t Penny taking psychology classes right now? It’s close enough, and we’d be all for seeing it.

See some other scoop from this episode by clicking here, and it involves Howard and Bernadette having one of their first substantial stories of the year. We like to think of it as proof that Howard, while married, is only really a tiny bit ahead of the rest of his friends when it comes to actually being able to communicate with the opposite sex. Oh, and this move is probably also brought on by the fact that Bernadette is terrifying.

Photo: CBS

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