Has Fox, Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Dads’ been given full-season order? Not exactly, but….

The latest -Despite whatever you may think about Fox’s sitcom “Dads,” the show is still getting a slight vote of confidence from Fox this week despite some subpar ratings. Six more scripts have been ordered from the Seth MacFarlane-produced sitcom, which means that in total, there are 19 scripts being written for the season. (More could be added later, if the network really decides that this is something that they want to hold on to.)

While it is easy to roll your eyes and wonder why this move is being made now, we’ll at least try to present the argument for the show from the “well, it could be worse” perspective.

1. It could be worse. Fox could have NBC-level ratings. At least “Dads” hasn’t really fallen below a 1.3.

2. While we may sit here and call the sitcom crass, cruel, and deeply offensive, let’s face it: “Married … with Children” got away with things that were ten times worse than this back when it was on the air. People like this stuff; it’s the same reason that Ashton Kutcher makes more money than any other actor on TV for “Two and a Half Men.”

3. Fox wants to keep MacFarlane happy. Given that he has been one of the reasons why your Sunday-night lineup has not fallen apart in the past decade, we kind of understand it. (With that being said, what in the world happened to that “Flintstones” remake that he was working on?)

With all of this being said, Fox ordering six more scripts doesn’t mean that there will be six more episodes added to the first thirteen. They recently made a similar move with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” with a similar amount of mystery attached. All we can do is look at history, and last year, they did the same thing with “Ben and Kate,” and not all of those scripts ended up being made for a myriad of reasons. (On a slightly-related note, has any show had weirder success after the fact than this one? Dakota Johnson is now starring in “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and Echo Kellum’s the token friend on another comedy in “Sean Saves the World” that is likely to be canceled by the time the spring rolls around.)

In the end, share your thoughts below on if you think this “Dads” script order is something that should really be worth celebrating, or if you think that the show has improved since that miserable pilot earlier in the fall.

Photo: Fox

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