ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Stana Katic on how Nathan Fillion’s Rick could help Beckett

Take a look -Now that the secret is out, and Kate Beckett is not going to be staying with the team in Washington on “Castle” season 6, there is of course a major question that has to be asked: What happens on the show for her next? She’s clearly a confident, qualified individual with a ton of skills at her disposal, but at the same time she is someone that is now out of a job. It’s not necessarily a given that she will return to the NYPD given that her position has seemingly been filled now by Detective Sully, and it’s hardly fair to fire the guy for being a slob (at least for the time being).

So what are we going to see play out here as a result? While we don’t know if we’ll ever see Beckett become a hoarder living in her apartment watching game shows all day long (which does kind of sound like a fun dream sequence), are at least going to be seeing her try and figure out what she wants to do with her life now. Luckily, Stana Katic tells TVLine that it will be none other than her on-screen fiance (Nathan Fillion) who helps her to find a way yet again:

“She’s defined herself so much by [her work] … I don’t know [now if she’ll become a] homebody, I don’t know about housewife…. But Castle in this next episode inadvertently helps her find that definition [of who she is] once again. As he always does — inadvertently”

Well, we know that this episode is entitled “Number One Fan,” and it will find Castle in a particularly tricky situation as he is in the middle of a tense hostage negotiation with a woman who claims to be an obsessed fan of his. Sound like bad news? Well, it is. While it’s not clear how Beckett is going to be involved with it, we’re sure that its more than standing on the sidelines or bringing everyone their favorite drink in coffee. She’s got way too many skills to be held back.

You can see a video for this episode here, but it doesn’t tell you anything about what is going on with Beckett. Hopefully, we’ll have something a little more specific to share soon.

Photo: ABC

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