‘Glee’ season 5: Dianna Agron not part of Cory Monteith tribute, still on show despite ‘leaving’ talk

The latest -For those of you who are asking this question for the first time now, we hope to answer it here: Why was Dianna Agron not a part of “Glee’s” tribute to Cory Monteith tonight?

First of all, we welcome you to read our review for the episode here if you are looking for our take on this incredibly emotional hour. The focus for this piece in particular is going to be answering a popular viewer question, and also to address some rumors floating around that Dianna was not invited back because she is no longer a part of the show or the family. That simply is not true. As a source told E! News today from the world of production, Agron is “still very much a part of the ‘Glee’ family and is always welcome.” As for some more evidence of this, Dianna was a part of a private memorial that was held for the show and those who are a part of it.

So what was the real reason that she was not asked back? We will never really know a definitive answer, and it doesn’t seem appropriate to ask. However, the best guess is simply that “Glee” is only an hour-long show, and on the tribute tonight there were already many characters, including Mike Chang, Tina to an extent, Artie also to an extent, and pretty much all of the younger crowd. Had Dianna appeared in the episode and not had much of a role, it could have become even more of a distraction to what the actual point of the episode was.

It’s always possible that Dianna could come back on the show in the future, and we may get more of why she was unable to be part of it then. Heather Morris was also not in the episode, but she was ready to give birth at the time the episode was filmed.

Photo: Fox

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