‘Dancing with the Stars’ castoff Bill Nye now getting involved in space-themed web series

Meet Bill -Bill Nye is really making good on his time following “Dancing with the Stars” this season. Prior to him joining the show, we really cannot sit here with a straight face and tell you that most people were wondering what Bill Nye was up to. While fans of the niche science community know that he still has been a proponent of many causes over the past several years, most casual fans had probably not heard of the Science Guy since there were hoax rumors about him a while back when that was very en vogue for some stupid reason.

So what’s Bill getting involved with now? You may have already heard about him getting the opportunity to guest-star on “The Big Bang Theory,” and his other gig now is working with THNKR on a series of videos in conjunction with NASA’s Mission Juno, which tells you a bunch of cool, interesting facts about Jupiter and the Solar System that are informative, current, and also easy to understand. If there is one thing that Bill excelled at for years, it was presenting material in a way that appealed to all viewers, from science professions to children.

We almost liken the role of Nye now to what LeVar Burton has done in recent years with the “Reading Rainbow” app for iPad; he may not have his own show anymore, but he is finding new ways to reach out to the community via other mediums. Not only that, but he has also accumulated a new audience in that kids who grew up watching “Bill Nye the Science Guy” are now adults, and they can pass on some of his projects and lessons to their own kids.

What do you think about this video series that Nye is working on here? Just be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

Photo: ABC

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