‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 2 video: Kat Graham’s Bonnie mourns, warns Jeremy

More news -There is nobody on “The Vampire Diaries” feeling the pain and the heartache of their circumstances worse right now than Bonnie Bennett. Let’s just try to tabulate everything horrible going on in her life right now, shall we? First of all, she’s dead (and there’s nothing worse than that). While she can still communicate with the other side courtesy of Jeremy, that’s it; she doesn’t want to tell anyone else that she is still floating around in the universe, and to make matters worse, she can’t even see some of the people that she loves on the other side. Take, for example, her father, who was killed off at the end of this past episode in a pretty dramatic fashion courtesy of Silas.

In the latest sneak peek video below, Bonnie does her best to try and mourn / confide in the one person that she can speak to on the subject, but more importantly than that, Bonnie seems determined to get Jeremy to pass on a valuable warning to Elena: She is in major trouble. Silas is on the run for Katherine, or anyone who looks like her. You obviously know what that means courtesy of the word “doppelganger.” While Nina Dobrev’s now-human character is on the run, we imagine that being a human will only get her so far.

As for Bonnie, we imagine fans having a pretty pointed question in regards to her: Is she going to stay dead forever? No one wants to ultimately see that, but there needs to be a consequence for her to come back to life. She can’t be a zombie for one, and if everyone starts popping back to life, it’s going to send fans of every dead character on the show into some sort of hysterics.

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Photo: The CW

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