ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 2 preview: Kerry Washington gives a powerful speech

Take a look -Thanks to the events that took place during last week’s “Scandal” season 3 premiere, there is one thing that we can say right now about Olivia Pope: She’s back on her feet again. She’s not the other woman, and she’s not someone in hiding. Instead, she’s coming at the White House with a fury so white-hot that it would be perfect for an ensemble that includes one of her famous hats.

In the video below, you can see Kerry Washington’s character deliver what is a pretty passionate speech as she looks to do just what Olivia is known for doing best: Fixing problems that come in her direction. Specifically, this problem is that she has someone as a client in Janine who is wrongfully accused of having an affair with the President of the United States … with the irony being that she is actually the other woman, and nobody else knows that.

Therefore, Olivia is placing herself in a pretty impossible position by going in front of the public and acting as though she is good and holy, and this could come back to bite her in a big way if she continues to go at the very institution that currently holds Fitz in office. Right now, she is working based on public perception, and is trying to further confuse the people in such a way that they won’t believe anything that they hear. What we personally believe on the subject right now is pretty clear: Olivia Pope would make a heck of a “Survivor” player.

Now the question that we have going into this episode is “what happens next?” Does the administration try to find a new target for the affair if it is not Janine, or do they just give up and hope for the best? Is Janine sticking around all season? “Scandal” is messier than a sloppy joe on a hot summer day, so don’t expect anything tied together tonight.

What we can share for you right now is this: If you click here, then you can see another sneak peek that is all about Mellie and Cyrus trying to convince Fitz to do their bidding moving forward.

Photo: ABC

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