‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Camilla Luddington teases Alex – Jo story in episode #200

The latest -Tonight marks quite a big occasion for “Grey’s Anatomy,” as we are celebrating an event that only the few and lucky get a chance to achieve: A 200th episode. But this is no ordinary episode as most of the main characters are going to be at a gala for the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, and this is while the interns take care of the current situation in the ER. So basically, it’s a night of (seemingly) fun partying for some, and for others something stressful and emotional.

But, there is one intern that is going to break this mold to a certain extent: Camilla Luddington’s Jo. So what’s up in the world of Jo for this installment? She explains in a new chat with TVLine:

“Jo is the only intern invited to the gala by Alex, and he does a very bad job of being a good date. He abandons her a lot through it, and there is a complete lack of communication in that episode. So, we see where they really need to work in their relationship. That kind of comes to a head in that episode.”

We’re not wanting to see a breakup for these two anytime soon, but we are admittedly pretty happy to see thisĀ  since we need a little reminder thrown in here that Alex is not exactly a changed man just yet in his life, even if he is trying to be a better man and a better boyfriend. He’s still going to have his problems in relationships, and so long as Jo calls him out on it and they work through it, it’s hard to be anything other than happy.

We just hope that this episode does at least remember to take a few deep breaths to laugh and reminisce. This is a party! We don’t need to see a trillion medical emergencies or some character be killed off. We had plenty of that in the premiere, and about a dozen other episodes of the show over the years.

Want to see something else fun for this episode? Click here for a preview video focusing on Meredith and Derek, and we mean it when we say that this is actually fun rather than something that you’re going to cry over.

Photo: ABC

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