NBC’s ‘Revolution’ season 2 spoilers: Giancarlo Esposito on Neville’s story

The latest -Here is something that we are sure that all Giancarlo Esposito fans have been waiting to see: Him talking about skin melting off people’s bodies! However, he’s not actually talking about Gus Fring here; instead, he’s speaking about what is going to be the storyline for his character Neville on “Revolution” season 2 as he tries to work his way into the Secretary’s organization and figure out just how he can enact the revenge that he so badly wants.

Speaking to TVLine on the subject of his character’s future, Esposito makes it abundantly clear that when it comes to trying to make his mission into a success, Neville will really do just about whatever it takes:

“The plan is to go undercover, all the way to the top. He’s on a mission now, because all he can think about is his beloved [wife] Julia and her skin melting off her bones. And he is hateful. He knows that a big organization was responsible [for launching the nukes], and he wants to avenge her death.” All told, he professes: “It is going to be a ride this season, my friend. Oh my goodness….”

Eventually, there will be a moment this season where many of the characters come back together and fight for the same cause, but the difference between season 1 and 2 so far is that the characters will be focused at least in part on their individual emotions and priorities. These were not always so clear when the show revealed, and now the stories are a little bit easier to follow.

Is there anything in particular that you are hoping to see on “Revolution” tonight, and for the rest of the season? You can watch a promo for the next installment here, and we as always want to hear your thoughts below.

Photo: NBC

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