‘Ink Master’ season 4: When it could it air, how to apply to be human canvas, filming, other info

Ink Master -Now that “Ink Master” season 3 is over, it’s time for the obvious question, of course: What comes next for Spike’s tattoo competition?

As you know from past announcements, the show has already been renewed for season 4; but what you may not have realized is that casting, obviously expecting that a renewal announcement was coming, has been hard at work getting a new cast together for months.  If you are a tattoo artist hoping to apply now, odds are that you’re out of luck. The open calls have all already passed, as has the video deadline. You already know one cast member already in Kyle Dunbar, who won a spot on the season finale last night.

However, there is still an opportunity for you to be a human canvas on the show for next season if you’re interested. There is a casting call in New York City on Saturday, and you can read more details about both that and online applications at this link. Our best advice for this? Just be yourself, and don’t act impossible to work with under the assumption that it will get you on TV. It won’t. While a difficult canvas may be fun to watch at times, it really tilts the balance of fairness for the competitors.

Now, we come to the next question: When the series will air? Spike TV has not announced a premiere date yet, the application claims that filming for this next season will start next month. That’s a much quicker turnaround than the wait between the end of season 2 and the start of season 3 production; that’s no guarantee that the show will premiere any earlier, but it is notable.

What we would personally like to see is a strictly summer run that starts in June rather than July, and then runs until the start of September. That way there is great entertainment all summer long, and no bleeding over into the fall schedule. While we’re cool for any challenges that the producers throw at the artists, we just hope there is a little less controversy than what we had in this finale, where it was so obvious that Tatu Baby didn’t belong that Joey Hamilton threatened to leave if she was not eliminated in third place. For Kyle, we want to see him in the finale next year if he deserves it; otherwise, send him home whenever he starts to falter – no more hand holding previous contestants.

In case you missed our review of last night’s finale, just click here to check it out, and we’ll have some more news soon on the ratings and also when production is underway.

Photo: Spike TV

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