‘Marvel’s Agents of Shield’ season 1, episode 3 review: Grant, Skye open up about their past

The big show -“Agents of Shield” started off with such promise a few weeks ago , but after last week’s episode which failed to really provide much in the way of character development we are starting to worry that the “episode of the week” structure is over shadowing what fans really want to see… more story from the people on the team.

Last week we learned that Skye is still working with her underground movement and Shield seems to trust her completely, so much so that Grant is overseeing her training as a field officer. For an organization that’s supposed to be so smart and ahead of the game we are surprised that they are so shockingly dumb when it comes to Skye.

This week we saw her training progress with Grant as she moaned about having to work out 10 times a day. The chemistry is still strong between these two and we wonder if her attraction to Grant is going to be what makes her switch from being a double agent to committing fully to Shield.

When a new mission comes up that ties the hands of the agents, Skye agrees to go in and help rescue the scientist being held captive by a man named Quinn. Grant starts to worry when she gets help from her underground resistance group to get an invite to an event that allows her access to the scientist. More then that he’s worried about her lack of commitment to training as everything he’s tried is falling on deaf ears. Is she going to reveal her hand this quickly?

When she arrives at Quinn’s party, he quickly offers Skye a job working for him. The waters become even more murky when she is later caught trying to get into his offices only to be caught and then reveal to Quinn that Shield is listening. She quickly spills everything to this man about how Shield recruited her, how she’s gathering intel and how they trust her. Who is she really aligned with? Looks like this time she’s still willing to help Shield, find the scientist, stop the bad guy and all is right with the world by the end of the episode.

What we really liked about this episode more so then the story of the week was that we are starting to learn a little bit more about the characters, like how Grant’s brother used to terrorize him so much that he became the strong person he is today as a way to protect himself or that Skye is an orphan that is desperate to find a place int he world that she belongs. Is that place with Shield? It’s starting to look that way.

What did you think of this week’s episode of “Agents of Shield”?

Photo: ABC

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