‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ preview: Tyson Apostol and Gervase Peterson’s coconut concoction

Meet TysonThere’s always been something entertaining about watching Tyson Apostol on “Survivor,” but there’s something even more entertaining when he has an opportunity to be all devious and get one over on the rest of this tribe.

Today, we’re not actually here to talk about this in terms of strategy; instead, we’re talking coconuts! In the video below, you can see the man alongside Gervase Peterson come up with a secret strategy to keep themselves happy and full courtesy of finding some coconuts, and then putting them back in hopes that nobody else will notice. For a guy with a painful injury in Tyson, the man’s still finding a way to work this out. (Then again, he’s not wearing his makeshift sling in the actual scene itself; maybe this took place before the injury happened?)

What makes this all the more hilarious is that eventually, Laura Boneham does discover that some of these coconuts are still around, and that they don’t have anything in them for anyone to enjoy. Sad? You better believe it … and then we laughed uproariously when Monica Culpepper blamed it on some local crabs rather than anyone actually doing it. They made it out alive!

Not only are Gervase and Tyson well-nourished here in comparison to some of their other tribemates, but they also seem to be in a great spot. They have an alliance of five that also includes Monica, Tina Wesson, and Aras Baskauskas, and if they make it to the merge, all they have to do is a get a few early votes to go their way and they are primed to make a deep run like in many of the other recent seasons dominated by five-person alliances. It’s not the most exciting endgame, but it’s clearly the most effective.

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Photo: CBS

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