David Letterman tells Seth Meyers to bring back ‘The Tomorrow Show’ (video)

Late ShowStarting in February, Seth Meyers is going to take over the “Late Night” franchise over at NBC, where he will get an opportunity to show that his brand of comedy can extend well beyond just “Weekend Update” sketches on “Saturday Night Live.”

But should Seth be changing more than just the host for this show? The comic / writer stopped by “The Late Show with David Letterman” tonight, which was interesting primarily because Letterman hosted this same show prior to coming over to CBS and Conan O’Brien taking his own post. He did not have really any advice when it came to actually hosting a late-night program, but he did hammer one point home: He should change the name back to “The Tomorrow Show.” It’s pretty funny just how desperate Dave is to see this change happen, and even tries to get his music man Paul Schaffer to back him up as to why this is such a great idea.

In our mind, this is the classic Letterman interview. Dave manages to find a way to get Seth completely off-guard here, and then try to question him into submission while one of the quickest and wittiest guys in show business seemingly does not have much to say for himself. While we actually do agree that “The Tomorrow Show” sounds futuristic and around a million times more cool, but we do realize that we are looking at a pipe dream here that will probably never come to fruition.

NBC is already making one title change in the late-night world beyond just the hosts. When Jimmy Fallon takes over “The Tonight Show,” he is turning it into “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The word “starring” was changed when Jay Leno took the job, but he is bringing it back.

What do you think: A worthy suggestion from Dave, or just something that is more or less ridiculous? If you want to read more news related to “The Late Show,” just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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