‘Arrow’ season 2, episode 1 preview: Why ‘City of Heroes’ may have you cheering

See Oliver -Tomorrow night, “Arrow” is back on The CW, and almost immediately, it will have a challenge: Trying to still be that great show that it was during season 1. While there were occasionally the cheesy moments that reminded you of what network this is on (and it mostly involved people not wearing a shirt), this easily rose to the top of the charts when it came to being the best show that aired on the network. Not only were there good performances, but the storytelling was a nice spin on the character that felt new, and also traditional.

For season 2, you can expect to see even more of that with a little Twist: Everything is going to be even bigger. Want to see more villains? You’re going to get them. You’ll have a rival in the corporate world in Isobel Rochev (Summer Glau), but then you’ll also have a score of villains in the “hero world” for Oliver Queen’s alter-ego to try and take out. The Suicide Squad is coming later this season, and that puts Oliver in what has to be a very uncomfortable situation in some ways. He is just one man; he can’t fight crime in a million places at once.

But what about some of the other characters that you’ve come to know and love? Before you watch the premiere, we’ve made a little primer to give you a little sense as to just where each one of them may be going into it.

Laurel Lance – She is going to be working now with the District Attorney, and fighting to put bad guys behind bars rather than defending people to keep them out. One of the D.A.’s biggest targets? The Vigilante.

Diggle – He’s still battling the same demons, but one of the big ones is simply that Deadshot is still out there after Oliver put his own needs ahead of Diggle’s at the end of last season.

Felicity Smoak – In addition to helping to redesign the new lair of Oliver and the crew, she also is going to be getting involved in some more action this year … and we mean that in more ways than one.

The Queen family – While Moira is going to be facing a very crucial court case to determine her fate, Thea has a new job and some new responsibilities that could keep her very close to Oliver.

Roy Harper – Finally, we turn to the man still obsessed with Oliver. He’s got a difficult journey as he deals with the recovery of what was The Glades, and he tries to figure out if he can be a hero in his own right.

Want more reason to be excited about “Arrow” season 2? Then just click here, where you can see what some of the producers have to say about the Oliver / Felicity fandom, and some of the support that this couple has.

Photo: The CW

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